Essential Alaia Shoes


I can’t imagine my life without these shoes! Alaia shoes are the best shoes in the world and I will tell you why…


alaia heels

Last weekend I was trying to find a perfect pair of shoes that are sexy and comfortable…So I went shopping and tried hundreds of different heels (I don’t wear flats). Everything was too high or super uncomfortable. I think I spent 5 hours of searching before I saw those Alaia boots on Resultly! They were just perfect for my black dress I was planning on wearing.

The best part is the color! It is usually hard to find such a sexy Red color shoes; they are not too bright and not too dark. The other thing is how beautiful and sexy  the heels are. When was your last time you saw something sexy is that, right?

Of course, the price could be definitely better… However, if you buy alia shoes , you most likely will wear it forever! The quality is incredible! I would say it is the best out there. I wore hundreds of other brands and it never lasted for too long… maybe a year or so….  so, do not hesitate about the price, trust me you will never regret!

When I got to the party, everyone was keep looking at me and the shoes LOL I got millions of compliments from men and women! My girlfriends got jealous…of course:)  Who would not be jealous?!  The black dress I wore to that party made those shoes look even better, even sexier , and totally Stunning! I would not recommend to wear too much of other accessories with red color. I think, maybe a red ring or a small tiny bracelet , or maybe some red earrings; something that wont take anyone’s eyes from the shoes!

Also, if you are still thinking to buy these pair or not, please remember that shoes is the most important piece in your closet that tell everyone who you are. Agree? I hope you do! Especially, if you want to get attention from men. There is nothing sexier than red heels! Trust me, I know! Even if you are not planning to wear something that provocative every weekend, it is OK. Just think about the times when you do not  have anything new to wear,but you have that little black dress and these shoes in your closet; what else do you need? Nothing is the right answer!

And if you think that you can wear Alia shoes for a night out only, you are mistaken, girl! I will definitely wear them in summer time with white dress to a day out as well! Probably, I will add more red accessories, maybe a red tote , or maybe a clutch…

I hope you will buy these gorgeous pair after reading this:) Or, at least try them on in the store like Net-A -Porter,  and see for yourself how pretty alia shoes are! At the end of the day, you can always ask your loved one to get it for you for Christmas or birthday:)

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