A day in the life of my Givenchy boots


My Givenchy boots finally arrived in the mail from Saks (http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/). I found them via Resultlty http://www.result.ly/Search/givenchy%20boots, this shopping app I downloaded. I wore them for the first time yesterday, and though it would be fun to share a day in the life of my Givenchy boots.  I purchased the Givenchy suede knee-high boots. I think I’m in love. So pretty.

givenchy boots

Let’s start from the beginning. I painstakingly planned my outfit to revolve around my new boots. I ended up wearing black leather leggings with a denim shirt and my amazing Givenchy leather jacket that I got from farfetch http://www.farfetch.com/.

With my outfit all picked out, I was ready to start my day. I put my Givenchy boots on and was out of the house. First stop, Starbucks to get my morning fix of coffee before work. While waiting in line for my pumpkin spice latte, I for sure noticed a few people checking out my Givenchy boots! Then my heart dropped as a stranger tripped and spilled some coffee right near wear I was standing. My boots! No! Luckily I was able to move out of the way and my Givenchy boots were safe.

I made it to my office, where I proudly showed off my boots to my coworkers. Yes, they were very impressed. On the way to lunch, a street style photographer spotted me and asked me about my stunning Givenchy boots. His words not mine, although I wold have to agree. He asked to take a few photos of me, but I declined, I’m not really into that sort of thing.

After work, it was time for happy hour, and my boots and I were ready for a glass of wine and some appetizers. I met up with my friends and of course they loved my boots. I mean how could they not right? My boots are just so amazing. I LOVE MY GIVENCHY BOOTS. I wish I could just shout that from the rooftops.

Happy hour ended and I headed to meet up with my boyfriend for dinner. (I like to eat okay! Plus, I only had a tiny egg roll at happy hour.) I wait for my boyfriend to compliment me on my new Givenchy boots, but he doesn’t. This makes me mad. Like really really mad. So I break up with him. I mean boots are important and he should know better.

So, by this point I’m pretty hungry since I broke up with him before we had a chance to order so I go to Subway and get a sandwich. While I’m eating my turkey club, this this hot man walks in and I can tell he likes my boots. He was kind of cute, so I was like okay. He sits down and the first thing he says is that he loves my boots. I think thats when I knew I was in love with him.

Wow what a perfect day this was turning out to be. I think my Givenchy boots are my lucky charm. I haven’t taken them off since yeterday. I even slept in them. So after I met the new love of my life, I went home to spend some alone time with my Givenchy boots. I ate some ice cream and went to bed.

Overall I would say that my Givenchy boots have improved my life for the better. Thanks Givenchy!


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