Classic Cigarette Pants


There is one thing that every girl in this world should have , besides a little black dress, is a pair of cigarette pants. Nothing is more classy, practical and sexy than a good pair of cigarette pants in your closet.

I have at least five pairs of different color and fabrics. They are my “go to” when it comes to putting together a nice work or “out” outfit. It never fails me and will never ever fail anyone else.

These pants have been popular for years, but unfortunately, now more girls choose skinny jeans over them. I love the jeans and leggings myself but not that much as cigarette pants.

cigarette pants

First of all, skinny jeans are fun but if you have an office serious job it might be not your best choice. The pants, on another side are the best thing you could possibly wear on a regular office day. Just put a nice blouse , top and blazer on top and you will look beautiful and professional.

Second of all, if you think that these pants are boring to wear to a party you are mistaken big time! It is all about choosing the right fabric. Now you can find a very nice silk cigarette pants everywhere you shop. I got mine on Resultly shopping app on my iphone, you can try that or any other shopping mall or the closest department store to you. Of course, with silky pants one will have to find a nice top to wear it with, but it should not be that hard.

I wear cigarette pants all the time and never get tired of it. Different colors are so fun to mix with blouses I have. All my friends and co-workers always give me tons of compliments and say that I had the best style ever.

One definitely should have at least one pair of these pants, I would say that black color is the most practical and can be perfect for winter time and summer time. Also, these style looks good on any type of bodies. I am not super tall , so I wear them with heels or wedges; however, I know some girls who look perfect in flats.

I would not recommend to wear cigarette pants with high boots or sporty booties it will kill all the classy look. You should always remember that even though they can be a great thing anywhere one goes, they are still a very classy choice.