Magical Dress


Every girl in the world has her own magical dress in the closet. I have at least ten of them, if not more. Can not blame me for that. I am a girl who shops non stop… Bur there is one dress I have that is outstanding and my absolute favorite one. It is a chiffon dress I got as a Christmas gift  a year ago from my lovely husband. Hot bought it from Resultly. I am a  lucky girl, right?

Why is that my favorite dress? Well, because it looks exactly like the one Blake Lively wore to the red carpet. I hope now you understand…

chiffon dress

However, do not take me wrong, before I got that dress, I always though that chiffon dresses are not my style. I used to wear only short sexy dresses all the time . I still wear those but not that often.

Whenever I have a gala, charity event, a special occasion to go to , there is no hesitation on what kind of dress I wear. It gives you such a stunning, beautiful, incredible look that others simply can not. It brings that classy sexy girl in you that everyone loves it as much as you do!

My dress is blue, like this one here, so I love to mix it up with different type of jewelry and shoes. It looks awesome with black, nude, gold or silver shoes. So, I always have an opportunity to change it up a little. The same with jewelry. Silver, gold , diamonds or no accessories at all. It doe not really matter, because the dress is already more than  you need. Trust me.  I get millions and millions of compliments from everyone: my lovely husband, family members, friends or just people on the streets. every single time I wear it!

So, if you still thinking to buy or not to buy a chiffon dress, you should stop thinking and just do it! You will never regret.

The only advice I can give you is that you should not buy the cheapest one you find… Usually, it does not look good . There are good sales sometimes online or in department stores during holiday. Just try to find a good deal! Of course, you can also ask for it as a gift from your friends or husband. Hint. Hint. Also, do not ever wash it yourself , you will destroy the dress!!! Do not save extra ted dollars and give it to a dry cleaner. I have a friend who ruined hers in one minute by trying to wash it in the washing machine. You will definitely regret that!

Have fun wearing it!

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