L Wren Scott Dresses: Timeless Elegance

In a hunt for buying a dress, the few things that you want a dress to have are the following:

• Versatility – a dress that you can wear in various occasions say like a gala, awards night, a company event, meeting up with the in-laws and more.

• Right cut – this should suit your body type to a T or at least close to perfection. You need to know that you are in command of the dress rather than vice versa.

• Timeless – a dress that can be worn without a fashion trend dictating that it is not in style anymore.

Here are some of my favorites: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/gallery/2014/mar/18/lwren-scotts-best-designs-in-pictures

l wren scott dresses

I like how the Material Girl singer looks sophisticated. I know it is just a simple dress but she looks put together. Madonna only had minimal accessories and paired it with a black Mary Jane pumps.

As for Laura’s other dresses, I have noticed that they usually have a deep V-neck cut that highlights the bosoms and is also figure hugging but not too much as there seem to still have enough room for the person wearing it to breathe. I cannot really say for sure how comfortable the dress is since I have not worn one but if stars and personalities alike love her creations, it must be that because they don’t look uncomfortable with what they are wearing.

If you think her couture pieces are a bit pricey, Laura has a previous collaboration with Banana Republic. You can check some of the L Wren Scott dresses here at Resultly: http://www.result.ly/Search/l%20wren%20scott%20dresses

l wren scott dresses

Ebay has also got a few L Wren Scott pieces that can fit your budget Make sure you do the Buy it Now option rather than bid as these dresses seem to be selling like hotcakes.

I am pretty sure that you will get your money’s worth when you purchase this dress.