Teal Shoes – My Bridal Style

I can’t believe my wedding in only a few months away. I feel like it was just yesterday that Tray proposed! We opted for a long engagement, so we (more so me) could have time to plan the perfect wedding. I’m so excited to finally marry by best friend and celebrate with all the people I love. That being said, I want everything about my wedding day to be perfect. I want to persevere all of these once in a lifetime memories with photos and videos that I can one day show my children and grandchildren.

Most of the wedding planning is done, however I’m still planning my bridal look. I’m what you would call a bit of an untraditional bride, yet I want an elegant and timeless look. I’m also a bit fashion forward and not afraid to break the rules, which can make it touch when trying to finalize my wedding day style.

Teal is my absolute favorite color and I’m going to be incorporating  pops if teal through out my wedding, which got me thinking of add a fun pop of color to my  look with a pair of teal shoes. I know you may think I’m crazy, but I’ve done some research and I think I can pull this look off.

teal heels

I love how the teal heels add a fun contrast in the photo above. However, I’m not very keen about the style of shoes, they look kind of cheap don’t they? But, this photo serves as my inspiration. When it comes to the pair of teal heels I want to wear on my wedding day I have some ideas in mind. I searched my favorite shopping website, Resultly, and found a ton of really good options.

Doing some research I came across of this wedding photo where the bride was wearing teal heels and the groom had on socks with touches of teal in them. I just love the effect the photo has and it is a small think that will bring us closer as a couple.

teal heels

How cute right? Personally I think the stripes look a little tacky. I think a nice pair of argyle socks would look much more put together. Nordstrom has a large variety of quality socks that are more up to par with our wedding.

I just love that I am able to share my wedding inspiration with you as I make my way this journey of love! Tray and I are going to be so happy together. I just can’t wait for the big day! I guess it is time I start figuring out those seating arrangements. haha